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I Am Web Chick.

I’m a one-woman powerhouse of design. I do it all: websites, custom WordPress sites, social media setup & design, email templates, logos, business cards, & more.

It’s just me. No glass office, no snooty receptionist, no latte-sipping sales guys. Low overhead means I create boutique style at bodega pricing.

Web Chick at work

Not Just A Pretty Face.

Your website shouldn’t just look good. It should communicate your brand. Have personality. But let your content shine.

You want your visitors to be thinking about the content, not how to get around your site. I’m passionate about making practical websites that are delightful to use.

beauty + strategy = DESIGN

My sites are fully responsive & fluid. They will adapt to the size of the screen or type of device you are using.

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Who Is This ?

Wendy Osusky here. I'm a nerd about board games, card games & word games. NPR junkie. St Pete shuffleboard fan. I like films that make me think. I love design + code + pretty pictures. Even when I'm not working, I'm designing stuff in my head.

I spent 3 years of intensive training at Pinellas Technical Education Centers, where I earned certificates in Commercial Art, & Web Design & Development. The capstone of my formal education was an internship at MityMo Creative.

I love designing for web & print. Feel free to contact me about your project. We can make it happen together.

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